By participating or being in attendance at this event, you agree to these rules. These rules apply through the entire event. They may be changed at any time by hackathon officials. 
"UW-Milwaukee" or "UWM" refers to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and any affiliated organization or person, including hacakthon officials.
All participants are expected to follow UWM's Code of Conduct. This Code covers topics including, but not limited to, integrity, vandalism, theft, harassment, and the use/possession/distribution of drugs and alcohol. 
UW-Milwaukee will not give any team resources needed to complete their project, nor will costs for materials or other expenses (including travel) be reimbursed. 
Projects must not be identified as an official product of UW-Milwaukee. 
Participants are expected to respect UWM's property and others, including cleaning up after themselves and promptly reporting damage to hackathon officials. 
Projects that pose a safety risk will not be allowed, including hazardous materials and anything that produces a spark or flame. You will be working on the idea in an enclosed space. 
For your safety, security will be on site for the event. They may check bags or other items, and reserve the right to ask any individual to leave the premises. 
Intellectual property for the projects submitted will remain with the creators of said projects. UW-Milwaukee will only use any code, artwork, or other assets submitted for the purpose of fair and equal judging. Submissions are stored on ChallengePost and not on UW-Milwaukee data servers. 

Participants will be required to sign a liability and photo release waiver to enter the event. This can be viewed, printed, and brought to registration signed at
Hackathon officials may disqualify any team from the competition for violations of these rules or any other behavior deemed inappropriate for the event.